Monday, 7 April 2014

Identifying Priorities When Moving House

We get our new house in just over one week (insert screams of excitement).  One might think we would have our house packed up by now, but one would be dead wrong.  Packing is hard.  Packing with three kids (especially ones that are home every day) is harder.  There are many things we should be doing with all the boxes we have (such as filling them with household items), however, using the flattened boxes as car ramps seems to be the priority.

In fairness to me, I have packed up a ton of things we don't use on a daily basis (cold room stuff, books, some kitchen stuff, garage stuff).  However, there are SO MANY things we use every day, I can't figure out when to pack them up.  I've decided on the night before we move. 

Every couple of days I ask for some boxes to be brought in from the garage so I can pack some things during naptime (ha!).  But these boxes seem to be piling up (as in they are still flattened and empty leaning against the basement wall).  I had the brilliant idea to prop one up against the coffee table to use as a car ramp, and Harrison loved it. 

We raced the cars for awhile (I'm Buzz Light-year and Harry is Spiderman), and then we did 'tricks'.  This was a fun way to pass some time (when it was too cold to play outside...yet again) and avoid packing. 

I'm sure we'll come up with a few other fun ways to use these boxes before the big move.  I just hope at some point they end up filled with our things and loaded into a truck!

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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Our New Play Dough Recipe

At the beginning of the school year, I got a sweet play dough recipe from Ella's teacher.  My old recipe was a pain in the shorts - lets just say there was heating on the stove involved.  Who knew there was a way to make play dough without cooking?!  [Ha...clearly not I]

Until recently, Harrison has had a 'thing' about touching goopy stuff with his hands (IE. paint, play dough etc.).  Now, he is a little more comfortable digging in to that kind of thing.  He has been having a ton of fun with the play dough.  Right now we only have red and orange, so I need to get some more colours going soon.


Harry's favourite things to make with his play dough are balls.   Specifically, Mommy, Daddy and baby balls.  The only problem...he can't quite get them right.  Although he is practising really hard (see above), his balls still look more like snakes.  That's where I come in.  Here's Harrison eating a banana while he waits for me to turn all of the play dough into balls.  All fun and games, right?

After a few minutes he realises I'm taking more pictures than rolling balls...and this face appears.  He means business now.

Finally, the balls are ready!  Oh happy day.  It was a short time later when Harry smashed all the balls flat into 'cookies' only to request I roll them all again.  Awesome.

Here's my new play dough recipe - thought I'd be a doll and share it with anyone who's still cooking their play dough!

Play dough Recipe

2 1/2 cups of flour
2 small packages of Kool Aid
1/2 cup of salt
1 Tablespoon of Alum
2 cups of boiled water
3 Tablespoons of oil
Mix together the first four ingredients.
Add boiling water to dry mixture, then add oil.
Mix together with a fork 3 - 4 minutes (or more) until cool to mix with hands.
Knead until not sticky.
Store in sealed container or Ziploc bag

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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

April Fools for Beginners

So we attempted a couple April Fools jokes today.  Nothing too intense, of course, but just right for the kids.  I decided to go with googly eyes on their lunches as well as jello for juice.
#1.  Jello for juice
Whoever came up with this prank is a true genius.  It's the perfect prank for little kids because they will actually think it's hilarious (right before they become upset that they're not really getting any juice...ha). 
Here's how the prank went down:
While the kids were eating breakfast, I asked them if they wanted a nice big glass of juice.  Both jaws dropped to the floor because juice is a rare item in our house.  It's usually saved for the weekend or birthday parties.  On top of that, I offered strawberry juice (I only ever buy apple and every once in awhile there's orange juice).  Harrison was quite excited at the idea of strawberry juice (there's such a  thing as strawberry juice?!), but Ella wasn't happy as evidenced by this picture...

...I guess she prefers the apple juice.  She wouldn't even try it (ha...jokes on me!).  Harrison, however, went right to work trying to suck that juice up through the straw.  After a few tries he scrunched his face up and took a good look inside the cup.  "Mom, it's not coming out!".  Adam and I both started laughing and I showed them it was really Jello inside.  Then we shouted April fools!  

 I did an amazing demonstration of tipping the cups upside down without anything falling out and they were pretty excited.  We even got a little smile out of Ella (probably because she realised she didn't have to drink the strawberry juice and there was a chance of apple to come).   I ended up caving and found a couple real juice boxes for them. 

#2.  Googly Eyed Lunches
I forgot to get a pic of Ella's lunch before she left, but it looked pretty much identical to Harry's.  I cut their sandwiches into dinosaur shapes and stuck a googly eye in each.  OK, so the dinosaur shapes aren't great...but in my defence I used sandwich cutters that are a tad too big for our bread slices.  Bread making companies and sandwich slicers should really get on the same page.

At first, Harrison gave me his standard response to everything, 'huh?'.  I had to remind him it was April fools and he didn't have to eat the googly eyes. 

Eventually, he thought it was funny.  I'll find out in about an hour if Ella a) still had the googly eyes in her sandwich by lunch time and b) if she thought it was funny.

That's about all we had going on for April fools jokes today. 

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Monday, 31 March 2014

We're On A Boat

I still have a giant folder of photos I haven't posted, and today I came across these beauties.  

Sometimes Ella and Harry like to pretend they are on a boat when they are at Nan's and Pops' house.  They get out a big box to sit in and they put it on top of a few pieces of foam .  I can't be sure about whether the mats are part of the boat, or the water.  It's anybody's guess, really.  This adventure wouldn't be complete without a couple of paddles...the edges of the foam mats (the most obvious choice, I suppose).

These are two creative kids.  Whenever there is a box in the house, there's sure to be hours of fun.  In fact, I could start a new series:  '1001 Ways to Use A Box for play'.

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Sunday, 30 March 2014

I Found it on Pinterest...April Fools Edition

I don't usually participate in April Fools pranks, but I thought this year might be fun to look for cute jokes to play on the kids.  While I was searching (Pinterest), I came across some HILARIOUS pranks that are a little more my style than your classic saran on the toilet seat (lame).

I pinned these onto my secret April Fools board, so maybe someday I'll muster up the energy to pull one of them off!

This one might be the most difficult...I have no idea how to go about making a photo like this.

Embedded image permalink
Head in a Jar

Hand coffee over to your favorite coworker like this.
The classic prank from 'The Office'...

Terrify your coworkers with a fake milk splatter.
Spilled Milk on the Laptop

 Drum roll please...this last one is my number one favourite prank.  It would take a ton of work, and I would NEVER attempt it while we still have little kids, but I can definitely see it in my future. 

25 April Fools' Day Pranks to Play on the Family
Don't Tip the Cups

 I did manage to come across some cute kid-friendly pranks.  It's hard to find things that are age-appropriate for 3 and 4 year-olds.  These two were my favourite, and I think they would be do-able for Ella and Harrison this year.

Broccoli Lolipops
Food with Eyes

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Friday, 28 March 2014

Benjamin at 7 Months

It's time for another Benjamin update.  This little guy is already 7 months old, and he's growing and changing like crazy everyday!  

The sitting up on his own thing is coming along.   He's good for a couple minutes before he reaches for something he wants and ends up on his belly.

Introducing new foods is still slow-going.  So far he has tried the following foods:
-sweet potatoes
At first I was trying to make the purees here and there, but I find I really have to get back to my old system of making a giant batch on Sunday (of 4 or 5 different foods) to use for the week.  This is the only guaranteed way I can find to make sure I keep giving him new foods.  I think next we're looking at green beans, turnip and peaches.  The doctors say to introduce veg before fruits, but I say - that's ridiculous!  Breast milk is far sweeter than fruit, and he still went for the cereal and veg! 

This boy still has no teeth, but continues to gnaw his hands, feet and pretty much any surface he can get his hands on...including my chin.  The teething process has been going on for EVER now, so any day those teeth want to come through we would all be grateful. 

No crawling yet, but Benny has starting getting his knees underneath himself.  Like I mentioned last month, he is still rolling around like crazy.  There's definitely no need for the play mat (he tears it down anyway!), but I try to keep it out so he has a defined play area - those other two kids are serious space hogs!

Ben has been waving his whole arm for the past month, but just today he really started bending his fingers for a proper wave.  His first useful skill for interacting with others! 

Right now our biggest challenge is that third nap of the day.  The challenge being that he doesn't want to take it, but he desperately needs the rest.  Currently he naps from about 9 - 10:30ish and 1 - 2:30ish.  He usually goes to bed around 6:30pm, so 4 hours is far too long for him to be awake in one stretch!  I can't keep taking him for a walk every afternoon to get him to nap for 30 minutes, so any suggestions are welcome.   

Aside from the 4pm - 6:30pm stretch of pure insanity, Benny is a sweet little guy and we sure are glad to have him around!  Especially because the other two are turning out to be a bit nuts.

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